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Bro.DannyHos.....You said this....

Hi Mr.udaya your question totaly wrong bro first go and read the bible properly..

May I request you to convey " the proper method of reading bible " ?

Bible teachings or church teachings.....

They are made up of STORIES....

woven stories,borrowed stories,may be few true stories.

Not much difference !


@:  Woh.! I could see that you're still into that story insertion thing..

When I said "insertion"...actually I meant "Insertion of Verses"..not story insertion....

BTW , do you suggest me not to talk about Insertion ?

@:  None of the stories were inserted as a whole into the Bible.. They're all original happening and please take time to prove 'em all for yourself..

Prove them..? HA..HA..HA..HA......all ?....You are kidding ....right

I think about 6 lakhs people wandering in wilderness and died there, didn't leave a single bone !

@: Only slight modifications were made up by the scribes.. Modifying laws and names in the Bible.. Stories weren't inserted as a whole..

Whether the stories are inserted as a Whole or part, doesn't matter.
Trueness ,possibility, practicality in the stories , are some of the aspects does matter.

@: There are corpses and broken chariots in the seabed of Gulf of Aquba and the present day Mt. Sinai in Sinai peninsula is a bogus and a decoy (or Satan's counterfeit) to fool the people and archaeologists..

Apologetics claiming proof of Exodus in one hand and rejecting those "proofs" by archaeologists on the other hand, happens time to time.When the "proofs" get exposed , people quickly put Satan in the mix to make things inconclusive. How convenient !!!
We need not listern to Apologetics or archaeologists to qualify the story.Basic common sense will sufficient.
Take the bible account of the story ......apply your common sense.....thats it.
(please don't tell me that the common sense is nothing but Satan's mind in disguise!)

@: The Earth had stopped spinning for few hours..

Although I don't accept all the claims made by scientific community , many scienctific theories are very much plausible....... Your above statement is UNSCIENTIFIC.

@: What I believe is Myths are actually based on the real happenings in sky and earth and the celestial bodies and other great things on Earth are deduced as gods and goddess to the convey the real Happenings to the their future generations..

That make some sense.  A quick question is ....whether the incidents mentioned in Genesis 5:24 ,2 kings 2:11 ,and  all the angel appearing incidents are actually such "celestial body happenings" ?

@: I didn't expect your acceptance..

I too didn't expect my opinion will be accepted....Just my thoughts..

@: Is this what you call as celestial bodies.?

Sorry , you misunderstood my question...
Let me rephrase my question .....
Did bible writers thought the celestial happenings as acts of God ?


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