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Hi ? Just call me gabie, but its not my real name. I just wanted to tell everybody that i am a sinner. :( i stole, i say bad words, i do bad things, i am also watching porn movies. I just cant handle my this anymore. I cant avoid them. And i am doing it right now. I am praying to god to pls guide me and never let satan be at my side. I admit i have a lot of mistakes. I am a sinner. I have to tell you this because i feel very bad about my self. I am changing for the better now. I just want god to be at my side and i am oppening my heart for him. He is my savior and he is my only GOD. Pls do help me.

Pls read the Book of Romans from the Bible to qualify your desire let God talk to you through His Word im sure after you finished this book with 16 chapters you'll have a better understanding of yourself and what God wants you to do with you.

We are all sinners and we all do bad things! Youd be suprised how many christians struggle with all the things you just mentioned!..
But everything we do we do out of choice.. it starts as just a little thought in our heads like.. i wont do it iŽll just think about it.. then you find yourself doing it.. can you relate to this?..
Well when you first start thinking about the wrong thing.. straight away tell yourself this is evil i cannot do this! Pray to god and ask him to help you resist temptation.. and dont give up! It will take a long time to completely turn your back on a sin that tempts you.. but you can do it! And it becomes easier everytime you say no! I dont need that! From one sinner to another God loves you! He will help you even if you cant see it at the time! God bless!!

Dear one,
God's Word says that we are already saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. Eph.2:1 to 5. Do you believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins. Yes it is  the Gospel  message of God to all those who are sinners. Repentance from sin  to believe and to accept the power of God in you is the fundamental requirement. It is also the Gospel message. 1cor.1:18 to 31. God's Gospel is the good news of God that tells me the things that God has already done for me. Believe that the Lord Jesus already done for you on the Cross. Fill up always your heart and mind with the words of Jesus  Christ.
God bless you.

let us pray for one another 😊


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