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A Mothers Prayer
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When I was in gradeschool my dad died due to a car accident. My mom raised all 3 of us all by herself. She became both our mom and dad. She's a nurse in our local hospital. She would work 8hrs a day, sometimes even 16hrs. She taught aspiring student nurses at the hospital and her students love her as well as her co-workers. At home she would prepare meals and do house chores even if sometimes she's already tired.

With all her hardwork and with Gods help, my siblings and I, graduated and have jobs now. I am still living with my mom and sister. One day before the feast of Our Lady of Peņafrancia, just this year, mom told me something. When we were still studying, mom went to church and pray hard to Our Lady of Peņafrancia. She asked for all three of us to finish our study and that we will have a good job. She also asked for a sign for it to happen; that a rose would fall under her feet. When she got up, a child carrying roses was running towards the altar and a rose fell right under her feet. She cried after that happened and vowed to devote herself to Our Lady of Peņafrancia. Now, my siblings and I have a job. My brother is a chemistry analyst, my sister is an administrator at the city hall and I am a microbiology analyst. Just hearing the stuff mom told me, I remember all those times when I came home late because of some circumstances and all those times when I will go to places I've never been before. I thought, maybe I always come home safe because of my moms prayers.
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