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Trizah Mwangi

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« on: February 14, 2016, 04:37:52 PM »
In the scripture which book talks about forgiveness ?


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Re: Forgiveness
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If you have a bible index, check out forgivness in the index or put it in as a keyword in any bible app.

Or are you talking about the Gospel of Grace? Once forgiven always forgiven?



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Re: Forgiveness
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Go to Eph 1:7 remember that we ways ask God to forgive us when we do something wrong, and he do forgive us, as human feel live off on feelings and the devil plays with that..don't give him that pleasure. Read God's word on forgiveness. .when you forgive it make you feel good and you can move on with your life, .God forgive so you can to,.and if you want go to forgive you you have to forgive. .please let go. ..hope this help.