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Why don't today's girls enjoy being a virgin?


The Western world is so corrupted because moral decay and feminism, to a point that being a virgin itself is considered to be a shame. I thank Yahweh that I was not born there. But, what bothers me much is that even in tamil nadu, many women doesn't seem to care about their virgin or their body. There isn't modesty in them. They think it's cool to be with the trend and show some skin. How ain't they bothered about presenting themselves without any blemish to their husbands?  As a man in his early 20s this really bothers me. I and even any guy (with sane mind) for that matter, can't digest the fact that his wife had satisfied another man physically in the past, it's just impossible. How is the situation within the Christian circle? Do you girls still have that integrity? Or you all are just like rest of the world? Going with the flow of the world?

For me it's better to take celibacy instead of marrying a hoe. Because the only important duty that matters for a girl is to protect her virginity for her husband. If they fail at their only job, what is the point of marrying them?

Ur attitude is very wrong abt girls. Their not only for SPAMMER. Ofcourse pre marriage SPAMMER is sin. No compromises on that part. Bt ur view for womens is totally wrong. I think ur profile name suits u very well. Growup.


I'm sorry. My message doesn't seem to convey what you say. Yes I agree, women aren't only for SPAMMER, but SPAMMER is an important part. I also don't think it's wrong to say women's sexuality defines her character, because it does. Good women don't give away SPAMMER easily. Looks you someone's been brainwashed by feminism and modern media.


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