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« on: September 23, 2014, 03:56:54 AM »
Hello everyone,
Glad to see people intrested in god...blessed are you all as you are getting time out of your busy shedule...
My question is why do muslims hate per my knowledge ....there prophet mohammed was not accepted by the they thought he was a fake prophet.because he did not do any miracles....but if you look at yehwa he did do miracles...
I would love if any one can explane this to me...
god bless ....


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Re: religion
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I think it has a lot to do with the conflict over the temple location and which on should be allowed to stand on the holy site.

Febriani Rahayu

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Re: religion
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I always laugh when muslim show their feeling (hate) to israel n christian, so funny cause i saw they so scare with us, of course they hate israel n christian cause we are not believe mohammed n they think we are made a man like jesus to be our god is really fool and sinning, they think crazy things if god come down into world. tHey just dont know god. they no believe that god loves us more than himsefl. So be thankful to god cos we belive Him,  its not because our effort but only  cause His grace n goodness


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Re: religion
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All would be saved and accepted by God through BLOOD OF JESUS but not by following prophect.
There are question mark ( ? ) on many religions.

Without ACCEPTING THE BLOOD OF JESUS there would no forgiveness and eternal salvation.

Just go with a religion that accepted Jesus as means of salvation, because there salvation lies.