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Tembele Abdalah David:
Colossians 2:6-10
Watch out for people like: Shivan Chaurasia and Ashish Bhatnagar. Remember that Satan has never been stripped of his powers that he used to have as an angel of the most high God, and he is still using these powers in many different ways to deceive many and bring them to internal condemnation.  So be smart save yourself! Matthew 7:13-14

Hey I read some of the post in this section.. And I found that every body is believing that Jesus is the real God.. It is true. But according to Bible Jesus is the son of God. Also written in the Bible that the God, His son Jesus and holy spirit is one. Jesus is a normal human like us. He have flesh, blood etc. But according to Bible, still Jesus is a human but he have the spirit of God.. We imagine Jesus as he came to our Earth in the forms of a human being, because he had made us in his own image. And we just hang the photos of Jesus in our house.. But that picture shows a human not the spirit of God as we can't see the spirits.. No body seen God except Peter, James and John in Matthew 17 verse 1 to 3. So just follow Jesus and his preaching and u will surely see the kingdom of God which is the heaven with your own eye... If I told something wrong then I'm sorry for that. Amen.


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