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Ashish Bhatnagar:
Power and strength doesn't make someone god. But love and caressing does. Had any of god you know, died for you??? or felt your pain??? or cried with you???. Our god Jesus Christ had done that and still doing it. No power is less than but the power of God's love.

Main aim of Satan is to divert mankind from God's way and for this he goes to any means as he also have power but only to extent of God's permission.

Stick to your faith

shivam chaurasia:
Hello dear,
Mushlims  says Muhammad sahab is great.
Hindu says Rama is great.
Sikh says guru nanak to guru gobind singh all guru's are great.
Christian says jesus christ is great.

But... fact is... all are great and all are talking about almighty.
Those who says this is great and those are not actually the didn't listen their prophet all are talking about one.

shivam chaurasia:
Read all books and believe on one omnipresent god who is formless. And try to see him know him and then u will get salvation which will be given by true master.


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