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Vivian Dominic:
Lately I've lost my business,  Relationship and I'm gradually losing my mind. Please brethren pray for me for God's quickest intervention in my life! Thanks 🙋

Vivian Dominic:
Hi please why am I not getting respons to my request?

Alvia Carmela:
Everything happened had a purpose . Let God be your comforter. Don't forget that you are child of God. He is always right there for you.

Hi Vivian. Im sorry it took long for someone to answer your petition. I will pray for you and im sure others are praying as well. I cant tell you why the Lord has let this happen to you but i know for a fact that whatever He does is for a very good reason. We forget sometimes that God is all we need.

Remember what happened to job? He lost everything but he remained trusting the Lord. He said, " The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh". Paul also said he learned to be content in any situation. So please trust God, and look up because our redemption is near.


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