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Harish Jershon:
Joshua 10:13,
2 Samuel 1:18

It tells about the Book of Jashar.
Who is Jashar?,Why was the book not added in the Bible?
When was it written?

When u are a child at 4 years do u ask why u not dressed me ,pampering me to ur parents they know when u need what you want all about u to do for u.

Same the holy father will is emphatized by bible with more than what need to his childrens.

3 நீங்கள் வளரும்படி, புதிதாய்ப் பிறந்த குழந்தைகளைப்போல, திருவசனமாகிய களங்கமில்லாத ஞானப்பாலின்மேல் வாஞ்சையாயிருங்கள்.

1 பேதுரு 2
Try to grow with the bible as like as mentioned in the above vserse

Many books are not included in the bible , because the 'then church' found that

they cannot have control over people , if those books are added. For example , Gospel of Judas ,

Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdalene are not included , as the contents of these books

will spoil the 'church teachings'. Even JESUS's youth period is not in the Bible.

So , GOD cannot give what HE want to give !!!


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