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To let go a pe

Let go and let God 2cor 5:17 therefore if anyone is on Christ he is a new creation.The old has gone behold the new is begun. If you are already in Christ don't worry about your past cause He will change you, from glory to glory. And when you accept Jesus Christ your saviour the holy spirit will dwell upon you and sometimes there's haunting of the past but you will overcome it, as long as the holy spirit is with you He will give you wisdom to differentiate the right from wrong.Romans 3:23 For all may fall short of the glory of God. All people may sinned but the grace of God is still with us, His children. He will not let you come back to your past if truly you accept Jesus Christ.Godbless

Chapter 6 if Romans tells us about sin. We are dead to it and free from it.
God bless you all.


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