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Read bible n go to church properly n discuss with father they will guide u.I'm Hindu by religion bt when I read bible my life change n miracles done by God in my life.Lord bless u with his miracle then y believe. Tc n god bless u  all.

James Anthony:
Today is my first day on this beautiful site. Quite happy that the Lord show me a way to connect with Him more. My story was almost the same you mention. Even in the childhood I didn't get much opportunity to visit church. But Our Lord as mention in the Bible ' I will not leave you nor forsake you.' HE is with me. He guides me regularly. HE gives me a heart for praying others. I am not very good with the Holy Bible but HE is managing everything for me. I can suggest you only one thing. Start praying for others and leave everything unto the Lord and be ready to see the miracles. Thank you Almighty.

Francis newton k:
"I leave you peace. It is my own peace
I give you. I give you peace in a
different way than the world does. So
don't be troubled. Don't be afraid. You
heard me say to you, 'I am leaving,
but I will come back to you.' If you loved me, then you would be happy
that I am going back to the Father.
Why? The Holy Spirit, our comforter and
counselor, will bring us peace. This
peace is not an absence of difficulties,
an end to all strife, or the cessation of
all disagreements. We know that those
things will not happen in our fallen world as we know it now. However, the
gift of God's presence, the gift of Jesus'
guidance, and the blessing of the Holy
Spirit mean that we can have peace in
our storms, struggles, and fallen world.
God is present within us to guide, strengthen, comfort, lead, inspire,
motivate, bless ... We are not alone as
we face every challenge of life because
God is not only with us, he is within us!
Jesus' return to heaven is not a loss of
peace or his abandonment of us. It is his going away so that he can send us
the gift of the Holy Spirit, who brings
us God's peace.

Greetings in the name of the Most High God! Thank you for this great app and forum. I have Facebook friends who speak/write Hindi, and now I can share God's Word with them in their native language! This will be an excellent witnessing tool 📖. May God bless you all ☺

Hi! I thank God for finding this site where I can share my thoughts and feelings.. I made a biggest mistake of my life to fall in love with a married man. He is a muslim and im a christian.. first time weve met he told me that he is married in papers and they didnt have yet so I thought before that maybe he could change his mind and he keeps telling me that he will divorce his his wife came and we decided not to see each other for 2 mos so he can find solution and divorce his wife.. I know this is not God wants me to think and do coz I know that whatever God brings to tie no one can break them.. its really hard for me to take all the pain ryt now so im asking for ur prayers to forget this man and wait for Gods gift coz I know this is the right thing to do


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