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அவர் ஏன் அப்படி கூறினார் ?

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Bargavi Ramachandran:
From what i ve observed through all the posts you sound rather argumentative than as a seeker of truth.
You re not ready to accept explanations to any of your questions. Any reply we give is our own assumption, not a plausible explanation. You doubt Noah's story, call it a myth. You question if Judas ll be heaven. As far as i am concerned God created Heaven and whom He allows into His property is His right and no human has any right to question or discuss if a human can have a place in heaven just like no one has rights to question who you allow into your house.
I am sorry. This is my last post in this forum . you spoil my peace Brother.
If you accept God, you ve to accept His words too without doubting His actions.
For His ways are better than your ways. His plans for you are better than your plan for you.
Still if you re questioning God's actions, remember Evil is a choice. No one, absolutely no one is forcing anyone to read Bible, and follow it.
Adam and Eve had a choice to not to eat the fruit. No one force fed them.
You and i have a choice. Believe that God's ways are perfect, His plans are flawless, though things don't seem coherent now, one day everything make sense.


Bargavi Ramachandran:
Understand No idol worshipping family is living in total harmony and peace. Even they re it won't be permanent.
For them, God ll punish you for sin you don't even remember (sins from previous birth).
If it's bad time in your astrology chart you ve to suffer, if you ve sinned, you ve to suffer even if you ask for forgivance.
For the True God's children, whatever problems we face He ll be our tower of Strength and refugee. He ll make the problems go away or give us strength to overcome any loss.
He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you and His word is true.


Pardon me for big talking.

First of all , this particular thread discuss theoretical / philosophical type matters, not religious faith , spiritual life etc . Actually, I was expecting some comments from Bible experts, not from simple people , as Horeb described ! I responded to your replies just because you addressed me directly . You see , I have not commented your replies in other threads . I don't want to be a hurdle in your spiritual journey , or anybody else's for that matter. I can explain the things you wrote in your recent post .... I can explain you why I am here..... But I believe , you would not be interested , hence I am avoiding.....

@:  I am sorry. This is my last post in this forum .

Why ?....don't get frustrated....There are so many good people around here who can help you strengthening your faith.
Just avoid answering the posts that is not appropriate for you.....Please move on.

@:  you spoil my peace Brother.

I am extremely sorry that happened that way...............If you wish you can ask this questions yourself..

My peace is really the peace mentioned in John 14:27 ?

(If yes , then you cannot be disturbed.)

@:  From what i ve observed through all the posts you sound rather argumentative than as a seeker of truth.

I consider myself a seeker of truth ..

I believe you would agree that a seeker seeks , examines & evaluate all the things in front of him , until he find the truth. ( 1 Thes 5:21 )

Arguments arises only when there is a ground for arguments .

I refrain from commenting on reply#41 , unless you ask .

Thank you very much for reading this post.

Bro Udaya !
This is what I meant when I said previously that u don't bring edification!

I also feel so sad for ppl who have been led astray by your posts and comments.
Why can't u SEEK it with ppl who know it more !
As far as I have seen here many  here are really so sincere in loving Jesus and many who have just started their spiritual journey !
Pls think if it is right to be a stumbling block to them !

I know U will answer for every sentence of minewith some intellugentbarguments
But I really feel so sad !
Pls tthink abt many like Bargavi sister who gave been hurt u !

Pls don't make others stumble !
Pls be a channel of blessings to others !

Pls bro.

Just think for sometime, why am I doing this ??

Thank you for your advice/suggestion Bro.

I just want to ask you few things.

1.Can I ask questions here ?

2.If yes , how to ask questions or what questions should I ask ?

3.I believe the IQ of this forum is high I wrong ?

4.Am I a stumbling block ?..... stumbling block to what ?

Though I don't want to be a stumbling block , I understand stumbling blocks are part of christian life , which make us stronger in our spiritual journey.

You already said that you won't interfere....But I request you to    I N T E R F E R E..............That is what this forum is meant for.


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