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wanting to go to Syria and fight ISIS

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Need advice... I want to and I'm willing but I have no connections for who to go to.

Alex Paul:
You wanna die Aren't you?

Brother in bible any where written go and kill your enemy so why you think like that

The battle with ISIS is not just a physical one armies are fighting with conventional weapons in which you can be the next casualty. This is not a scriptural response I agree we are told to love our enemies in the New Covenant . There is a spiritual war we are called to fight with the spiritual armour and weapons against the powers of darkness influencing ISIS and others. See Ephesians 6:10-18. Also we are to pray for all people to repent and be born -again. It is not God's will anyone would perish but rather repent.

The battle is the Lord's not yours.
Have God told you He can't fight?.
The battle is the Lord's not yours.
If you wanna die as a fool then go ahead but if you really care and love the Lord your God then take everything to him in prayer.
For the warpon of our warfare is not physical but is mighty through Jesus Christ for pulling down of any strong hold. Don't go and die foolishly kneel down and pray for the body of Christ.


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